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bench and table

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In one movement the bench turns into two benches and a table. Allows you to comfortably accommodate six adults. Convenient place for rest, meals and friendly gatherings. Saves space and creates comfort. Simple, reliable and durable design.

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Table-bench combo #1

Table-bench combo #2

Table-bench combo #3

Table-bench combo #4

This version has two purposes: garden furniture and home furniture. The difference in designs is only in the design of the seats and backrests. The outdoor version is made using a board.

Outdoor version

  • Sizes when folded:: 103 x 145 x 85 cm.
  • Sizes when unfolded: 180 cm.
  • Table height: 73,5 cm.
  • Seat height: 42,5 cm.
  • Main materials:
      - profile tube 80х40 mm. – 6 m.;
      - profile tube 20х20 mm. – 10 m.;
      - profile tube 25х25 mm. – 4.5 m.;
      - laminated plywood or laminated chipboard - 4 m2;
      - plywood 10 m. — 2 m2;
  • Cost: ≈ 125$.

Home version

For home use, the bench can be refined with a soft fabric base and you get a sofa. In order to save usable space, storage space can be placed under the sofa seat.

In the video, you saw the radius details of the sofa frame, which we decided to remove to simplify the design. This greatly simplifies and speeds up the manufacturing process..

  • The sizes are the same as the outdoor version
  • The same materials are used as in the outdoor version.
  • Additional materials for home version:
      - laminated plywood or laminated chipboard – 4 m2;
      - plywood 10 mm – 2 m2;
      - cloth, foam.
  • Cost: ≈ 250$.

Table-bench combo #5

If you liked the idea of making a sofa-transformer for home purposes, but there is no way to make a frame from metal, then we have developed an analogue of home version made of plywood with a thickness of 18 mm and 30 mm.

  • Size when folded:
    106 x 138 x 73 cm.
  • Size when unfolded: 181 cm.
  • Table height: 74,5 cm.
  • Seat height: 42,5 cm.
  • Main materials: plywood 18 mm. – 5 m2, plywood 30 mm. – 2 m2, wooden bar 20х40 mm. – 12 m., fabric, foam rubber.
  • Cost: ≈ 165$.


The author presented this model of a bench-table on the Internet at the end of 2018. Using the detailed instructions for making, you can make the same bench-table for 2-4 days and receive orders in your country.


According to the author's instructions, a lot of people from around the world have already made a bench-table.


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